Take control of local sport coverage with the sports robot from United Robots

Local media, pressured by digitalisation and new competitors, struggle to maintain their local relevance. Sports has always been an important part of a strong local coverage.

However, this new reality has made it much more difficult to maintain the local touch. Tough financial demands have for many years forced local newspapers to let go of the lower level series. Women’s and youth sports have suffered particularly hard.

We will show how local media houses with the help of automated articles about sports can get back in control and become more relevant to local sports and hence the local audience; how to increase traffic and convert visitors to paying customers. Interested in testing personalisation or super local apps? Many media houses are. However, that demands large volumes of super local editorial content, such as pre-game write-ups and match summaries from all sports in each area.

Focus on the right things - and automate the rest

Are the robots really taking over the journalists’ job?
The answer is no.
In fact, the number of employees in local media houses has declined for many years, even without the use of automated content. Local media no longer cover local sports below a certain level in the league system. In most cases, the choice is not between a well-written text by a journalist, or an automated article produced by a robot. The choice is between a robot text, or no text at all.

Thus, it becomes more and more important that the journalists do the right things, and today that it is often more in-depth content, for example video and live broadcasts from matches, that convert visitors to paying customers. But to manage that, someone else has to take care of the duty guard. Enter United Robots’ Sports Bot.

Properly implemented, automated sports texts can help local media houses:
• Reduce staff and freelance costs.
• Develop new sites and services, personalisation and super local apps (new sponsor/ad revenue).
• Convert visitors to paying customers, drive page views, and increase advertising revenue (reader

This is Rosalinda

When results, goal scorers and table changes are reported into the database of choice, Rosalinda makes an analysis and writes texts published just seconds later on our customers’ sports sites.
Since the collection of results is the basis for text production, the number of texts that can be published dramatically increases. Rosalinda also treats all teams equally; now you don’t have to prioritise which series and/or teams to neglect. Almost all teams are covered, in all divisions.

Pre-game texts

Local media sites can automatically publish a short pre-game text at any time before match start. A nice service and perfect for the local clubs themselves to share on social media.

Match Summary

The instant results and match facts are reported in Everysport’s database, Rosalinda makes an analysis and writes a match summary. The texts are automatically published directly on our customers’ sports sites, without any human interference.

United Robots Alerts

With United Robot Alerts, the editorial team is pointed to results or events of particular interest in the sports data. If a player scores three goals, one team can win their league, finally a team wins against their nemesis, etc. Our smart algorithms analyse all available data and look for discrepancies, relationships and other things that might justify a bit of extra effort. The editorial staff can then focus their attention to the most interesting events.

Case: MittMedia – 40 percent of the conversion to paying readers is now made thorough sports texts

A lot of it is due to more in-depth journalism about sports, more video content and a sharp increase in live broadcast football matches from lower divisions and other sports. That was the goal of MittMedia’s editorial sports team. By letting the sports robot Rosalinda take care of the routine work in reporting football, ice hockey, floor ball and other team sports, resources in the organisation were freed up for more qualitative work.

The result? Not only has MittMedia sports achieved its high goals for better and more modern coverage of local sports. It also turned out that sports materials are able to convert free visitors to paying customers as no other material. 40 percent of those who choose to become paying customers on any of MittMedia’s sites, do so via sports related content.
Reference: Henning Johannesson, chief sports editor, henning.johannesson@mittmedia.se

Case: klackspark.com – Östgöta Media took total hold of the football coverage in Swedish county Östergötland.

Östgöta Media’s football site klackspark.com has as its slogan “Everything about football in Östergötland”. And thanks to automated texts from every match being played, it’s literally true! Östgöta Media (Norrköping Tidningar and Corren) decided to take a holistic approach to the local football by launching a brand new site about it. Here, the traditional football journalism, television and live broadcasts are mixed with automated texts from all matches further down the league system. The result? New sponsorship revenue at klackspark.com, nice traffic and an important part in the NTM Group’s commitment to recruiting paying customers to their Plus business.
Reference: Nils Olauson, head of online, nils.olauson@ostgotamedia.se

Some samples:

Manchester United on hot streak look to keep winning against Liverpool
Tonight Manchester United and Liverpool face off at New Anfield. United has played three straight Premier League games without a loss, going in to the match against sixth placed Liverpool. Last year they split the two games between them with one win each.
(Basic data from Everysport)

1-0 victory for WBA against Burnley – Robson-Kanu with the game winner
WBA won when visiting Burnley in Premier League with 1-0. The winning goal was scored by Hal Robson-Kanu in the second half. After two matches WBA now has the max of six points, and Burnley has three points. WBA is now in third place in the standings but with the same number of points as the leader Manchester City. WBA’s next match is when they visit Tottenham on Sunday the 27th of August at 5pm. Burnley will host Stoke on the same day at 2.30pm.
(Basic data from Everysport)

Marco Reus hero for Bor Dortmund against Mönchengladbach After a tentative start the first goal of the game between Mönchengladbach and Bor Dortmund came in the 32nd minute. Andre Schürrle cued up Marco Reus, who made no mistake beating Mönchengladbach’s Yann Sommer from inside the 18-yard box.
That would prove to be the only goal of the game.
Mönchengladbach could not to find a way past Roman Burki and Dortmund managed to hang on to their lead and return home with the three points.
Despite Mönchengladbach having ten shots on goal in the second half, they failed to create any real chances and Bor Dortmund won the game 1–0.
Bor Dortmund are now second in the table while Mönchengladbach are in 10th place.
On Saturday 24 February at 15:30, Mönchengladbach travel to Hannover for their next game.
Dortmund will host Augsburg on Monday 26 February at 20:30 in their next fixture.
(Advanced data from Sportradar)