Convert online readers to subscribers with automatic property sales texts from United Robots

Converting visitors on news sites to paying customers is today the focus of media houses around the world. By opening up a new digital revenue stream, alongside advertising, total digital revenue can increase. But that requires content that makes readers log in to the site and – ideally – become paying, recurring customers.

News about property sales have a proven track record for engagement among local newspaper readers
and visitors to local media sites. Analyses of how the content is used now also shows that real estate
business news appeals to loyal, often paying visitors. (In addition, they are pure click magnets!) At the same time, it appears almost no such texts are published on local media sites (Case: MittMedia, Sweden)

The housing market has long been an important advertising category for the daily newspapers. Online, media houses have had a hard time creating a relevant environment for offers from real estate agents. With a flow of automated texts about property sales, such an environment can be created.

Bring real estate listings into the Internet age!

By automatically producing a unique text for every house sold, with images, maps and geographical data, we take the old listings into the internet age. Not only does the number of texts about real estate deals increase dramatically, in addition, the following happens:

• We automatically find and attaches to the text a Google Street View image, a satellite image and a map.

• We enable smaller news sites to invest in their own property sites, as the automated real estate texts allow a constant flow of new content. (For a normal Swedish news site that means about 20 articles per weekday.)

• Each property sale gets its own URL, which dramatically increases the number of pageviews.

• The real estate texts have a proven track record of converting readers into paying subscribers.

• Interested in testing personalisation or super-local apps? This requires super-local content, such as real estate sales.

• When our smart algorithms find information that might be worth paying extra attention to, an Alert will be sent to the newsroom. Maybe the most expensive property so far this year was sold, or the largest, the highest price per square meter in an area was recorded, etc.

We analyse and compile – completely automatically

But there is more to gain from using United Robot's analysis and language platform. All property sales in a particular area (such as a county or municipality) are stored in the database and analysed over time. Our platform keeps track of average prices, price trends, the most expensive houses sold in the area and much more. Fully automatically, our algorithms write an unlimited amount of summary texts and list the most expensive deals -– a dull and time-consuming job, currently performed manually in most newsrooms.