MittMedia’s Property bot: From two articles/month to 480 stories a week

In September 2017 MittMedia started generating automated editorial texts about homes sold in its local areas. A year later more than 25,000 such articles, which include images, have been published, generating 2.5 million logged-in pageviews. The new property content engages existing subscribers, and helps drive conversions – over 700 subscriptions have been started from the 25,000 articles.

The Property Bot has drawn international attention. In June 2018, two of Mittmedia’s three awards at the prestigious Global Media Awards organised by INMA were for the Property bot content: “Best use of new technology to generate revenue and engagement” and “Best idea to increase digital reading and engagement.”

The Property bot came about after research showed that media consumers wanted more relevant property sales information from their local area – as opposed to the basic Land Registry lists which had been published for some time online and in print. Where Mittmedia used to publish two overview articles/news site per month, with the bot they now publish 480 texts a week.

The Property bot turns each list entry into a short article (using AI to determine the best angle), which includes the names of the buyers, price and of course, location. United Robots also collaborates with Google Streetview, who provide a photo of the house. The bot sends out push notifications for local house sales to consumers who've opted in.