Cover all local sports, always.

In seconds, United Robots Sports Bot transforms data from football, ice hockey, bandy, basketball, handball and floorball matches into editorial summaries and pre-game texts.

The second match results are reported into the Everysport database (in the case of Sweden), our Sports Bot automatically and immediately creates a publishable summary. The texts can either be published in the condition they are, or serve as a draft for a reporter to work on. This provides several advantages. The cost per published text will be dramatically lower than if produced manually. And the process is of course immeasurably faster.

Automation of text production also provides a very large increase in the number of texts. For a normal size Swedish news site we're talking several tens of thousands of texts every year. This in turn generates better SEO (search engine optimisation) and drastically increases the possibility that the content will be shared on social media.

Personalised local news services – which many media companies are exploring – require automated content to be meaningful. The Sports Bot can take into account who the reader is and their preferences as the text is composed. In addition, for super local news to be really super local, the volume of coverage required is impossible to achieve manually.

But an automated process also frees up time for the editorial staff to perform duties that are not suitable for automation – analysis, retrieving quotes, etc.

With the Sports Bot to doing the heavy lifting, there's a foundation for a more efficient editorial workflow. The bot creates an article, analyses available data and writes a relevant text which it then posts in the right place in the editorial system plus directly online. Moreover, it is a ticket to be able to develop new and potentially revenue-generating services.

The source of the automated articles is the largest database of sports in Sweden, Everysport. Access to data is secured through a long-term agreement between the United Robots and Everysport.

A subscription to the sports bot package includes:

A pre-game article for each match to be played. The pre-game texts analyse the form curves of the teams, talk about their positions in the table and how they fared in previous meets.

A match report for each match played. The text describes how the match went, what the results mean for each team's position in the table, which players scored and the next game for each team. The bot also looks back and picks up trends, such as if a team's in a series of wins or losses.

We also offer Smart summaries – constantly updated and relevant texts summarising the situation in all series and divisions and for all teams appearing in the Swedish league system. Suitable for publishers who want to create special sub-pages or stand-alone sites for local sports.

Examples from Swedish media: