New local businesses = high engagement

Every year 70,000 new SMEs are registered in Sweden – our latest robot writes a short text about every single one of them, as soon as they are registered with Companies House. Super interesting, super local, editorial content for each local news site. And media companies, testing or considering testing, personalised news, local apps or push notifications, can benefit considerably from our local business bot.

By publishing short focused news articles about new companies – rather than long lists – the content is much more suited to how the web works today. Early implementations also show that these articles generate many pageviews – particularly with logged-in users – and that they are good at converting non-subscribers into paying customers.

The next step, currently under development, is writing summaries of all companies’ year end reports. How did the town’s builder, plumber or local supermarket do? United Robots aim to provide local news sites full coverage of local business.