Klackspark.com: Comprehensive football coverage = new audience + new sponsors


Swedish regional media group Östgöta Media, part of the NTM group, used United Robots’ Sports bot to create a brand new site, with the reader promise of covering all football in the county.

Klackspark.com, which launched in summer of 2016, is a great example of how publishers can combine traditional local journalism with robot journalism. The Sports bot publishes automatically generated pre and post match reports for every match in all the local leagues, while Östgöta Media’s reporters focus on covering the bigger games, news events, producing web tv and writing columns. As a result Klackspark.com provides massive coverage of Östergötland football.

The new site also generates new sponsorship revenue, drives new audience constitutes an important part in the NTM Group’s commitment to recruiting paying customers to their Plus business.