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Global award for property robot
Swedish local media group MittMedia won two awards at the 2018 INMA Global Media Awards for its Property bot, developed with United Robots.
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Swedish Östgöta Media used United Robots’ sports bot to create the dedicated regional football site
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United Robots signs a collaboration agreement with Schibsted Media Group, to provide and co-develop robot journalism to potentially all Schibsted’s media houses in Norway and Sweden. April 15, 2019

“Taking robot journalism to a new and higher level”
Aftonbladet’s journalist Mattias Andersson has been nominated in the Developer of the Year category of Swedish top publishing awards Årets Dagstidning 2019. The jury comments that core to Aftonbladet’s success with robot journalism is his, the project manager/developer’s, role in teaching the robots to write and express themselves in a varied language.

United Robots & MittMedia feature in new WAN-IFRA report on automated journalism

Three Swedish local media groups go all in on robot journalism

United Robots feature in Schibsted Future Report 2019.
The new service will work as a complement to the traditional journalistic work and will create content to an extent never reached before at Aftonbladet. The automated writing of texts means that there is no limit to how many texts can be produced in a day. Furthermore, the automatically written articles can mean more time for the paper’s reporters to concentrate on the biggest and most important stories as the robot deals with more mundane matters.”
More on page 30 in the Report.

Automated editorial – created for newsrooms

News publishers are feeling the pressure: digital advertiser revenue is in decline and the challenge is to grow the consumer business. In Scandinavia both local and national newspapers are taking advantage of a new technology, delivered by United Robots, to tackle both issues.

United Robots uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to automatically produce publishable news texts from large data sets, including sports, property sales and local business registrations. Our roots are in journalism, and we provide the only automated publishing service created specifically for newsrooms.
We currently have a Swedish and an English language version.


The business benefits provided by our automated editorial service include:

By automating the writing of editorial from big data sets, there’s no limit to the volume of texts you can publish. The key is to do something useful with what you get:
Comprehensive coverage. With automated editorial you can promise to cover entire topics such as all lower football leagues in a region.
Build new products. Create new sites around the automatically generated content, such as – a football destination for Swedish county Östergötland created by the local media group. New products mean you have more ad inventory, or better yet, valuable sponsorships to sell to you advertisers.
Attract new audiences. With new products you can potentially reach audiences beyond your core news consumers, and with them new advertisers.
Drive subscriptions. Our clients, like local media group Mittmedia in northern Sweden, find that content like property sales and local business registrations actually helps convert users into paying subscribers. This content also generates high levels of engagement once readers become subscribers – a top KPI for subscriber retention.
Personalise. With more granular content there’s more scope for personalisation of products and services, and with it an improved value proposition for your readers.

Focus on the key things – and automate the rest. With United Robots doing the legwork on basic editorial coverage, your reporters are freed up to work on qualitative journalism.
Flagging stories. Our service includes the possibility to set alerts triggers for given events, so that the newsroom is flagged every time someone scores a hat trick, or a house sells for more than €100,000 for example, allowing reporters to jump on the story.

Automation is a mega trend. With automated editorial you can streamline, optimise and maximise your business in the digital transition. We automate texts about sport, real estate, the stock market, local business and more.
Where there is data, we can put it into writing.