We’re up and running! Our Sportrobot is busy writing up sports

The football season is getting underway which means our Sport robot has started producing match summaries for local news sites. This is what such an article looks like at Arbetarbladet.se All series are not running yet, so we’re not quite at full production at this point.

United Robots Sport robot will deliver summaries after every played match in the league system for all sites in the MittMedia group. This spring we’ll also start writing texts for Östgöta Media (corren.sent.semvt.se and vt.se) as well as unt.se.

In total that means tens of thousands of texts during 2016.

During spring the summary articles will be complemented by pre-match texts – the Sportrobot will write one for every match to be played. The pre-match texts will include analyses of the team’s form and we’ll talk about the table and how teams have fared in earlier meets.

As an added service, the Sportrobot will alert newsrooms to when a result, or other event during a match, deviates enough from what’s expected. This allows sports editors to look carefully at that match and potentially extend the automated summary, e g by making phone interviews. We call this function Alerts. It helps the newsroom follow up on the right matches!

After summer we’ll step it up another notch. By then we’ll have taught the Sportrobot to write about hockey, floor ball and bandy.