We're now "talking" directly to sports coaches!

We’re now launching a new service with our Sports Robot. United Robots’ unique system for automatic gathering of coaches’ comments, inserted into the automatic sports articles in realtime. United Robots’ Q&A Platform “interviews” the coach after the completed match and inserts the answer into the automatically generated text. Without any involvement from the newsroom!


Robot Journalism is officially the future

The 2019 edition of Schibsted’s much publicised yearly Future Report was published yesterday. We’re very happy to find robot journalism generally identified as a key trend for the future. And to find United Robots specifically featured, through our collaboration with Aftonbladet.

Aftonbladet has been working with us since spring this year in order to introduce automated content in their coverage of the Premier League, traffic and weather. In the Schibsted Future Report, Managing Editor Michael Poromaa describes Aftonbladet’s new use of robot journalism as “one of the biggest revolutions in the history of Schibsted.” Not only can the new technology produce unlimited numbers of articles every day, it also frees up editorial time, allowing reporters to focus on the big and important stories of the day, according to Poromaa.

Our CEO Sören Karlsson was at a media conference in Trondheim when he found out about the inclusion in the Future Report – from Svenska Dagbladet acting publisher Anna Careborg, who talked about Schibsted’s work with United Robots on stage. According to Sören, the collaboration with Aftonbladet (and the article in the report) cements the role of robot journalism in future business development at media houses:

“Featuring in the Schibsted Future Report is like a quality seal of approval for us of course. Our collaboration with Aftonbladet, where we’re developing a Breaking Bot for weather and traffic, and enabling comprehensive coverage of the Premier League, is a real acknowledgement at a national level. The speed of developments in robot journalism since we launched three years ago has exceeded all our expectations. Automated editorial content has now had its real break-through.”

Our Sportrobot just got a major up-grade

We’ve just implemented one of the biggest journalistic changes we’ve done since we launched our Sportrobot. As of now, it’s able to not just write on one main angle (and goal scorers, table and next match), it can also cover a side angle. The latter will follow directly after the main angle. In this way, texts become longer, more dynamic and more like what a reporter would write.

The robot could e g write about one of the teams moving into leading position in the lead as well as the opposition losing their seventh consecutive match.

Here’s an example of that:

 Now we’re working to make the texts even better!

klackspark.com – editor and robot collaborates

Östgöta Media have launched their new football site klackspark.com, which goes to show what a local media company can achieve by combining traditional local journalism and robot journalism – about football in this instance.

At klackspark.com robot texts from United Robots’ Sportrobot will be mixed with manually written articles about football in Östergötland. The Sportrobot will deliver automatically written summaries of all matches played in Östergötland, while Östgöta Medias journalists will focus on the bigger matches, news events, web tv and columns. The result is comprehensive coverage of Östergötland football.

As our Sportrobot will also begin writing about icehockey, floor ball and bandy this autumn, there’s plenty of scope for local media houses to create something similar about these sports.

United Robot congratulates start-up of the year in Skåne!

Yesterday 8till5:s competitition Start-up of the Year in Skåne

was concluded at Internetworlds Webbdagarna in Malmö. Home security company Sensative won, ahead of digital medical service Min Doktor and earphone producers Earin. Worthy final line-up and worthy winners – United Robots, fifth in the competition, say congratulations!

This is the article about United Robots in 8till5.

Increase your social media presence with United Robots automated sports articles

With our Sportrobot local sports results can become social talking points at e g Facebook. That’s what we’ve discovered as we’ve increased the number of football texts at MittMedia’s Norrland sites.

It’s no surprise, really: a result in a table listing is “dead” and impossible to share in social media, as it’s not an article and not in context. Our Sportrobot transforms match data into an editorial text, easy to read and digest, and perfect for sharing in social media or be sent through messaging apps.

 Example of how an automated text from United Robot’s Sportsrobot, published at  allehanda.se , generates social interaction on Facebook.

Example of how an automated text from United Robot’s Sportsrobot, published at allehanda.se, generates social interaction on Facebook.

We’re up and running! Our Sportrobot is busy writing up sports

The football season is getting underway which means our Sport robot has started producing match summaries for local news sites. This is what such an article looks like at Arbetarbladet.se All series are not running yet, so we’re not quite at full production at this point.

United Robots Sport robot will deliver summaries after every played match in the league system for all sites in the MittMedia group. This spring we’ll also start writing texts for Östgöta Media (corren.sent.semvt.se and vt.se) as well as unt.se.

In total that means tens of thousands of texts during 2016.

During spring the summary articles will be complemented by pre-match texts – the Sportrobot will write one for every match to be played. The pre-match texts will include analyses of the team’s form and we’ll talk about the table and how teams have fared in earlier meets.

As an added service, the Sportrobot will alert newsrooms to when a result, or other event during a match, deviates enough from what’s expected. This allows sports editors to look carefully at that match and potentially extend the automated summary, e g by making phone interviews. We call this function Alerts. It helps the newsroom follow up on the right matches!

After summer we’ll step it up another notch. By then we’ll have taught the Sportrobot to write about hockey, floor ball and bandy.

United Robots formalises agreement with Everysport

United Robots has signed a contract with Everysport Media Group for long-term access to the sport data on which the automated sports articles our Sport robot produces are based. The service will be rolled out across all sites in the MittMedia media group as well as NTM sites Corren.se, NT.se, UNT.se, mvt.se and vt.se.

Dagens Media writes about it here.

Everysport Media Group is listed at AktieTorget.