Automating editorial processes


United Robots AB is a Swedish technology company. Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) we generate readable and publishable editorial news texts, to Nordic media houses.  United Robots started on journalistic grounds to automatically create credible and meaningful journalism from large data sets.

Many different kinds of editorial texts can be automated, in part of fully. United Robots delivers automated texts on sports, real estate and local business news. More is to come.

United Robots text robot Rosalinda transforms in seconds data from football, hockey, floor ball, bandy, handball, basketball and ice hockey matches to editorial texts, which could have been written by a human, for immediate and automatic publication. A majority of Swedish local media houses have subscribed to our service.

We believe that publishers - traditional and new ones - need tools that help them streamline, optimize and maximize there business in the digital transition. One way to do that is to automate editorial processes. Automation is a mega trend. Research shows that companies who are actively working to automate parts of their business is performing better than those who don't. 

By automating the production of texts in sports and other areas, the number of published texts increases dramatically, improves search engine optimization, helps sharing in social media, opens up for individualization of editorial material and saves time for the editorial staff to perform more advanced tasks.

United Robots is the leading provider of robot journalism in the Nordic region.